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We use the ALCharts software program in our 2 CBRF facilities. The software provides the managers with an efficient means of documenting and communicating resident services. The quality assurance built into the software provides our staff with instant access to protocols and insures that our facility standards are followed. The time we spend updating and creating resident documentation has been significantly reduced due to the software’s preconfigured goals and interventions.

We are building 3 additional CBRF facilities and will continue to use the ALCharts software to ensure consistency and quality of services.
– Ivy Manor Jackson & Campbellsport, WI
I haven’t decided what the team here at this CBRF appreciates more. The completeness/thoroughness of the ISP or the support we receive “when in doubt” from the Team at ALCHARTS. Since we started using the ALCharts documentation system to develop Individual Service Plans for our residents’ customer satisfaction has improved. The software steps us through the care planning process and enhances our ability to develop individualized services to meet the needs of our residents. The support by ALCharts has been wonderful, a million thanks again for serving as a very knowledgeable resource for us all.

– St. Anne’s Salvatorian Campus - Milwaukee, WI
Here at Christian FamilyCare Homes, Inc, we use the ALCharts system in all of our Adult Family Homes. Since implementing the software program years ago, it has quickly become an invaluable tool to help us monitor our resident's events in the homes. Our Facility Coordinators, Caregivers, Contracted Professionals and Owners alike find it very easy to use and helpful for managing our daily operations and resident cares. Accessibility ease for Upper Management and Owners alike allow us to "check-in" with our facilities even when we are away. We have received compliments and referrals from the residents care managers due to the quality of our care plans and resident ISP’s. We will definitely be a dedicated customer for years to come!
– Susan L. Harling, President/CEO - Christian FamilyCare Homes, Inc.