The following are links or information you can download that may be helpful to and relate to assisted living facilities.

Assisted Living Provider Directories

Screen_shot_2011-12-27_at_9.56.35_PM.pngLooking for Assisted Living?  The Assisted Living Provider List can help you.  You will also find helpful free reports to assist your search.


Guides for Choosing Assisted Living, Nursing Home
and other Care for your Loved Ones

Screen_shot_2011-12-27_at_10.01.43_PM.pngAssisted Living Today Guides/Information:

These guides are designed to help you when looking for care services. They will help you determine which type of facility is best for your needs within a certain care type or level, and offer information, questions to ask, fees to look for, or issues to look for in contracts.

Assisted Living Care Guide
Memory Care Guide
Nursing Home Guide
Care Home Guide
Independent Living Guide

According to Assisted Living Today, a growing concern is the expanding elderly population and limited care facilities.  They have created a visual breakdown of this impact to provide insight to this problem wherever possible. Read about Nursing Home Closures (Infographic).