Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are there initial costs or long-term commitments required to get started?

A: There is no initial set up fee. No long-term commitments are required. ALChartsPlus bills on a monthly basis. Service can be discontinued upon 30-days written notice. Credit cards and checks are accepted and customers may opt to setup reoccurring credit card payments. There is more information about our pricing here.

Q: How do you secure assisted living (CBRF or RCAC) resident data?

A: Our software provides a customizable role feature, which will allow you to control individual access levels. Each user must login to the system before they can access any feature.

Q: How are charting or document changes tracked?

A: Document or changes to a resident's chart are tracked through our unique snapshot system. You can view and download historical versions of each document.  Care plan changes can be viewed through our audit reports, which provide user information and the date & time the change was made.

Q: Where can I access ALChartsPlus and what type of computer do I need?

A: You can access ALChartsPlus from any computer that has internet access and a modern web browser. We have more technology information for your reference.

Q: We have multiple assisted living facilities or locations. Does ALChartsPlus support this?

A: Absolutely.  Our multi-site feature allows users to access data across facilities or locations in a controlled manner. Each location can also customize settings and “defaults” to fit their needs.

Q: What happens if my computer crashes, can you provide backups?

A:  You don't need to worry in this case. All of your care planning and resident data is stored within our secure data center. You can easily switch to another computer, login and pick up where you left off.

Q: Can I download resident information and store it locally?

A: Yes. We offer the ability to download historical and current assisted living resident chart or documentation in PDF format.

Q:How do I get started?

A: Contact us today at 866-234-2891 or email us at