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ezMARplus: Medication, Health Monitoring, and Treatment Management Platform Now Available in ALChartsPlus!

Your ALChartsPlus team has updated your web-based care planning and administrative tools!

ALChartsPlus announces ezMarPlus

April 24, 2012 at 9:30 PM

ALChartsPlus has officially launched the new ezMarPlus platform for assisted living and care facilities. Our 25th feature release brings simple yet powerful medication, treatment, and health monitoring tools to the ALChartsPlus software package.

Care planning and creating individual/resident service plans with ALChartsPlus  software is simple, yet comprehensive. The unique ALChartsPlus approach produces resident care plans directly from the assessment process. ALChartsPlus software helps set goals, manage timelines, create comprehensive care plans, and monitor the health of assisted living (CBRF), RCAC or AFH resident. The latest release highlights our commitment to improving our customers’ ability to Focus on Exceptional Care

The Plus Points (Key features and highlights) of our software include: 

  • A Proven Assessment-Driven Process to generate Care Plans
  • Risk Assessments
  • ezMARplus  (Medication Administration and Health Monitoring)
  • Potential Integration to your pharmacy’s system (evaluated by each user’s capabilities)
  • Measurable Goals/Time Limits
  • Alerts for Goals, Due Dates, Changes of Condition
  • Individualized interventions
  • Identify Amount of services provided
  • Smart Software (Customized as individual goals and interventions are identified to fit each facilities needs)
  • Decreases Charting Time and Eliminates Redundant Charting
  • Over 60 Printable Documentation Forms
  • Web-based Software, Accessible 24x7 Anywhere
  • Affordable 

ALChartsPlus is developed and based in Port Washington, Wisconsin.  Our software is the electronic version of the course materials used during the DHS, Department-approved administrator course training promoted by the Wisconsin Assisted Living Association, for compliance with sec. 83.15 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.  Our software is customizable and may be used in other States.

For more information on ezMARPlus email sales@alcharts.com.